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General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions

Insurance: national shipments are covered by carrier’s liability insurance as of D.L. 286 of 21/11/05, while international shipments are subject to the provisions included in the CMR Convention. We do not provide any other type of insurance coverage if not formally required by the Sender. Such request shall be formulated at least 5 days prior to shipment departure.In the event of a claim you do not agree suspended pending payment of compensation.

Offer validity: all terms of transport (composition of load, number and type of vehicle/s used, number of trips, route…) are at the carrier’s discretion. The price agreed upon will not be subject to any change if the shipment should require less trips than originally planned. Our estimates are valid subject to granting of authorizations on part of road owners and concession companies, to road practicability and to obtainment of all required permissions. In any case, our estimates depend on the positive outcome of our inspections. Any restriction regarding access to and exit from loading/unloading facilities as well as the presence of any obstacle in there must be communicated to us in writing, both during quotation phase and at submission of order (otherwise we will take their accessibility for granted). All estimates are subject to the presentation of a technical drawing and/or draft of the materials. Start/end dates and times of transport are meant to be approximate and refer to ordinary traffic and weather conditions. Right to transport Bonati the possibility of using the sub-convection occurs after fulfilling obligations salaries, contributions and benefit from the sub-carrier. Should the dates settled for the transport be postponed due to reasons outside our control, the transport will be re-scheduled according to our availability.

Customs formalities in Extra-EU Countries: not included, Your responsibility and at Your expense. Customs operations must be carried out in the departure and arrival facilities. Our Company does not take on any responsibility or burden due to failed remittance, verification and authentication of customs documents.

Pauses after loading / unloading operations: maximum waiting 2 hours, extra to be agreed according to the postponement of delivery for reasons beyond our control and the vehicle is at cost of € 700,00 day.

Sizes, weights, technical drawings: our Company does not take on any responsibility, should actual weights and sizes not be in line with those indicated in the order and reserves the possibility to charge customer for all expenses resulting from vehicles taken into custody, failed trips, fines, reissuing of permits and for any other consequent cost. Furthermore, customer shall take care to use empty, fluid-free vehicles so as not to alter their weight and cause pollution and problems to traffic in case of leakage (oils, emulsions,coolants…). In order to obtain transit authorizations, we need to be sent an original declaration of goods’ weights and sizes and a technical drawing showing weight distribution, barycentre and necessity to cover goods with sheets.

Timeframe for the obtainment of authorizations / appointment of escort security services: The grant of authorizations requires a minimum of 20 working days. In case of mandatory presence of escort security services and/or technical assistance, the dates of transport will be scheduled according to their availability. Should the competent Institutions prescribe the presence of further vehicles for technical assistance, which cannot be foreseen during order placing, or in case of further prescriptions by the Authorities, all related costs will be charged to the customer.

Terms of payment: to be agreed.

Cancellation: in case of order cancellation and/or suspension on part of the customer, Bonati trasporti reserves to chargethe costs incurred up to that time (authorizations, inspections, feasibility studies…) beside 75% of the price agreed. Shouldcustomer postpone loading date and communicate this with less than 7 days notice, we reserve to bill 50% of the price agreed.

Acceptance of offer: at order submission, you (the customer) agree to the terms and conditions above.

Last update 09/01/2016

Bonati Trasporti Nautici

Bonati Trasporti Nautici

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