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Exceptional transport

Exceptional transport

Bonati Trasporti’s exceptional transport is a specialist service for those who need to move goods that exceed the permitted size and/or weight limits for road transport. We manage every step of the process, from the request of a free quote to final delivery, to ensure a safe, efficient and reliable service.

  • Requesting a free quote: The process starts with the client requesting a free quote. During this stage, the client provides detailed information about the goods to be transported, such as dimensions, weight and destination. This information allows us to assess the feasibility of transport and to provide an accurate and competitive quote.
  • Planning and logistics: Once the quote is accepted, our team of experts starts planning the exceptional transport. This stage includes choosing the right vehicles and equipment, planning the safest and most efficient route and verifying the necessary authorisations and licences for transport, specific to individual countries and regions.
  • Loading of goods: The process of loading goods is carried out with the utmost care and attention. Our staff use specialist equipment to ensure that goods are loaded safely and securely, minimising risks during each stage.
  • Exceptional transport: During transport, our team constantly monitors the route and travel conditions, managing any risks and challenges that may arise along the way, such as adverse weather conditions, traffic restrictions or emergencies. We are committed to ensuring that the goods arrive at their destination in perfect condition and within the agreed timeframe.
  • Final unloading and delivery: At the end of the journey, the goods are unloaded with the same care and attention with which they were loaded. Our staff ensure that everything is in order and that shipments are delivered in perfect condition.

Our commitment in the management of exceptional transport is to provide a comprehensive and reliable service. From quote request to delivery, Bonati Trasporti is the ideal partner for the transport of exceptional goods by road.

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Bonati Exceptional Transports

Bonati Exceptional Transports

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Choose the type of transport: Nautical or Exceptional

Choose the type of transport: Nautical or Exceptional

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